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A Simple French Bistro-Style Apple Tart Recipe

This classic French bistro-style apple tart is made with basic ingredients. It will cook into an impressive dessert that will win you fans from all over. Although I had to make it multiple times to make it photo worthy, each one tasted terrific.

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Recipes for a Parisian Bistro-Style Meal

Cooking and enjoying a Parisian bistro-style meal is a great way to get in the spirit of visiting Paris.  With a little planning, it can be an easy weeknight event.  Or, invite some friends and make it a weekend dinner for family and friends.  Either way, it will...

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How Did Paris Get So Many Green Spaces?

Planning the Greenspaces of Nineteenth-Century Paris, written by Richard S. Hopkins, is an LSU Press publication exploring the green spaces in Paris.  For the avid gardener and garden designer/planner, this could be a great book to learn more about Paris' parks. Many...

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What is Paris with Scott?

My goal is to inspire you to enjoy the Paris of your dreams. If you are trying to take your first trip to Paris, or if you want to go without an organized tour group, then this blog is for you. If this kind of travel experience is what you are after, follow me and revel in all things Paris.


Add a comment and share your insight on visiting Paris. Additional information is always welcome. Leave a comment and join in the Paris fun.


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