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In Paris

In Paris

Getting around Paris

After you put your bags in your room at the hotel, how will you be getting around Paris?  There are four main ways to travel around Paris if you are only visiting for a few days.  Should you have more time, consider taking the bus or riding a bike.

Gardens in Paris

Paris has so many gardens, you could have a whole trip to Paris devoted to visiting gardens and still not visit them all.  As most lovers of gardens know, the four seasons allow a garden to show off all year long.  Winter is a time for admiring the geometry, the bed design and the silhouettes.  In spring, green sprouts are everywhere along with lots of flowers.  Summer follows with verdant and lush carpets of grass and shady spots.  Then, fall arrives and the leaves and long grasses get to have their time in the spotlight.


One of the reasons it is fascinating to visit Paris is that you get to visit another culture.  The culture is rich with a history that is much longer than that of the United States.  It includes ancient settlers, kings and queens, emperors, revolutionaries, monarchists, rebellions and finally a democracy. The history and culture of Paris is one of the major draws.  Without it, there would be no magnificent architecture, incredible gardens, medieval alleyways or Christian temples that dot the landscape. With that long history comes some responsibility on the part of the guest in the city to understand and appreciate the culture.  These are a few observances on the culture that you will encounter in Paris.

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