Library Paris Reading - Guidebooks, Picture Books, Cookbooks


Library of books about Paris. Here’s a start:

Many reputable guidebooks will provide necessary information and suggestions on things to do, places to stay, weather information, etc.

Photo books provide overviews and details that can help tremendously with your Pairs List.

The world of fiction is indeed a world unto itself.

In most nonfiction, we can learn more than we really want to know about the real goings on in the past.

Garden books provide insight into the love that seemingly all French people have for flowers, plants and trees.

Children’s books are still fun to look at while you are reading them to the little ones.

Cooking and reading about cooking can transport your taste buds across the Atlantic faster than the Concorde.

Parisians love their movies.  So much so that Paris has more movie theaters per person than anywhere in the world.