Just as the children’s books show the landmarks of Paris, so too do photo books.  Photo books provide overviews and details that can help tremendously with your Pairs List.  You may enjoy looking at your friends’ photos from Facebook, but none can compare to those of professional photographers.

Additionally, most of these books provide descriptions of the subject alongside the photos so you can know what you are looking at.  This can provide you with insight into whether you may really want to visit some of the places on your Pairs List.  Or, they may make your list grow.

Some are in color and some are black and white.  Color photos will prepare you for what to see, while the black and white photographs may present landmarks in a way that allows you to see details you would not have noticed.  Several of the books are of photographs made before color was an option, so take that into consideration, too.

Take a look at this list and see which ones may strike your fancy.  They may help you refine your Paris List.  One picture speaks 1,000 words!  Nowhere is that more true than for Paris photo books.  Enough said, these are my recommendations.