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Scott’s Perspective

Hopefully this page will provide a clear idea of Scott’s Perspective.  Here is a little background and some foundation for you to evaluate this site.  Many travel-related sites are based on reader reviews and many also have comments from people who have been to the restaurant or hotel or point of interest.  Great.  But, what did they want from the place they visited?  Rarely do I enjoy reading the comments because I have no frame of reference for what the people were expecting when they visited the place being reviewed.

The following are insights into what is behind the writing on this site and should provide you with a frame of reference, a bit of perspective on the site:


  • At hotels I like clean rooms. If possible, I get a street or rooftop view. Courteous and helpful staff and being close to a café or boulangerie.
  • If possible, I like a little balcony with a chair and table so I can sit and see Paris while having coffee or a glass of wine. But, even a window will do.
  • Coffee delivered each morning with a croissant is how I like to start the day, so I can get ready in the same order that I do at home.  If Continental breakfast is included, why not have it in the room?
  • Value for money is always good, but I understand that it is a vacation and a few splurges are necessary.
  • The exchange rate is rarely favorable, so a trip to Paris is going to be expensive. But, it is worth it.
  • I am most likely skipping Michelin-starred restaurants, unless someone else is paying.
  • Bistro food and brasserie food is what I crave for dinner in Paris. Enjoying dinner is really my evening outing.
  • Baguette sandwiches for lunch make me happy and I can save money eating on a park bench rather than in a restaurant.
  • Pastries are for mid-morning or afternoon snacks. These kind of snacks each day are GREAT.
  • Cafés for coffee, citron pressé or glass of wine are the perfect afternoon treat and the perfect place to rest and watch the world go by.
  • Chocolat chaud is a must at least once during each trip to Paris.
  • Museums and monuments are interesting in their own right as buildings and constructions. Plus, what I learn from visiting, seeing and reading while there is a bonus.
  • Special exhibitions at museums are interesting, but time is limited, so I must have some real interest in the subject to spend precious time seeing it.
  • Rarely, and only accidentally, am I ever hip, fashionable or artsy.
  • I am open to new experiences.
  • I like to window shop and walk along the streets. And, I like stopping in at cafés along the way.
  • Paris has great little neighborhoods. It is fun to walk around and see new sights, architecture, shops and people.
  • Post cards are always my favorite souvenir from someone who goes on a trip. So, I always try to send my fair share to family and friends back home when I am in Paris.


What is Paris with Scott?

My goal is to inspire you to enjoy the Paris of your dreams. If you are trying to take your first trip to Paris, or if you want to go without an organized tour group, then this blog is for you. If this kind of travel experience is what you are after, follow me and revel in all things Paris.



Add a comment and share your insight on visiting Paris. Additional information is always welcome. Leave a comment and join in the Paris fun.

"Paris is always a good idea."

Paris is always a good idea

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