XXXIII Olympiad in 2024 - Summer Olympics in Paris - Paris with Scott

On your mark… Get set……. GOOOO PARIS 2024 Summer Olympics!


In Lima, Peru, the International Olympic Committee announced the host of the XXXIII OLYMPIAD 2024 is Paris.

One hundred years after Paris last hosted the Olympics, the City of Light will host the world once again. And, it will be the third time for the city – Paris also hosted the games in 1900.

“Today I am delighted to invite you to join the great family of Parisians, a family which belongs to the world,” said the Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, as she announced the Olympics in Paris.  “With this team, I am very proud and moved to bring the Games back to Paris. At the heart of these Games, we will place young people, who represent our present, our hope and our pride.”

Are you ready to start planning?

No time like the present, or so the adage goes.

The Olympics are a huge draw for visitors from around the world.  So, put your thinking cap on. These are some of the venues for the jeux olympiques d’été de 2024 (Summer Olympic Games 2024).

Of course, road cycling down Champs-Elysée (where the Tour de France ends each year.)Near the Eiffel Tower and the Seine participants will run marathons, race walk, and endure the Olympic triathlon.

Can you imagine the Olympics in Paris??  Sand fields will be erected in the Champ de Mars for beach volleyball. And, what will be behind and in front of spectators and athletes alike? The Eiffel Tower!!

Fencing and Taekwondo in the halls of the Grand Palais – imagine the light!  Across the Seine will be archery on the esplanade of the Invalides – at least there is plenty of room to avoid being skewered.  And, the Seine will host all of the socializing a person could handle.

Are you getting the idea?  Kind of a big triangle of the 7th arrondissement with a Champs-Elysées hatchet handle???  Meaning, anywhere the 7th will be a popular spot during the Olympics.  And, it may be long walks, but one could walk.

But, wait there’s more….

Paris and the nearby suburbs will be alive with activity

Depending on your proclivities, head to AccorHotels Arena (f/k/a Bercy Arena), the Stade de France (in Saint-Denis) for track and field events – and the Opening and Closing Ceremonies!!!

Stade Roland Garros will host the tennis, mais bien sûr!!!  (But, of course! It is the home of what we call the French Open.)  Travel to the Chateau de Versailles for equestrian events, how appropriate.  Bicyclers?  Head to the Velodrome de Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines.

Football anyone (that is soccer for us Americans)?  Stake your claim on a seat at the Parc des Princes.

Are you wanting to catch your favorite athlete in a candid moment?  Maybe L’Île-Saint-Denis is the place for you.  The island will be home to the Olympic Village and all the athletes.  Probably why they have it on an island – hard to get to, easy to secure from roving tourists.

Want an adventure outside of Paris for the Olympics? 

The only sailing in Paris is by toy boats in the garden fountains.  So head to the old port of Marseille for sailing.  Take the train to Biarritz for surfing (let’s go now and wait for them to get there!)

How about the Paris Marathon? Get inspired to run it, watch it, and support green Paris.

And many more!  There are so many games and venues, who can keep track of them all?

More posts to come.  Don’t worry about how to get around during the busy Olympic schedule.  Who knows, maybe you will take an electric car and just hop in?


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