Enchanting Gardens Around Every Corner in Paris - Paris with Scott

Paris is filled with enchanting gardens.  They lurk around corners, occupy the widest expanses and are perfect for picnics!  Gardens are the subject of intense discussion (and often heated debates) by those who plant them, tend them and enjoy them.  From the most mild mannered passerby to the petanque players at their daily games to the horticulture groups that tour gardens rattling off every plant’s name in Latin.  Everyone has an opinion on gardens. It seems this is because the Parisians want the gardens to be the best they can be.

Once, in the early spring, workers input plants in the freshly turned beds.  They discussed the plantings, then broke for lunch.  When they returned, the men stood back, hands on hips, scrutinizing the locations of each plant. Pointing and talking, moving themselves left and right for different vantage points.  After talking some more and contemplating the spacing, they moved some of the plants around.  Then, when completely satisfied, the shovels came out and they began digging holes for the new plants.

Gardens are Serious Business in Paris

That example illustrates that gardens are a serious business to Parisians.  Gardens provide respite from the heat, a green space for children to run and ponds for sailing miniature boats.  They can be a shortcut to briskly cross to the next destination.  Or, a place to find a chair in which to relax and soak in the sunshine.  Gardens can be plant-filled beds for ambling by and admiring flowers, or shaded paths to walk under and softly discuss matters of love.  Some have fountains to drown out the noise of cars and other people, or a bench from which to contemplate the next season.  Ask any Parisian why a garden is important, and these are only a few of the reasons that may be given.

Paris has so many gardens, who knows if anyone but the government has a real list?  Write in with your favorite Parisian enchanting garden and explain why it is enchanting to you.