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The world of fiction is its own world.  Is there a way to really suggest fiction books on Paris???  For these recommendations it is more about the sense of the place rather than actually particularly being set only in Paris.  Paris is a place, yes, but it is so much more than just the sum of its beautiful buildings and streets and monuments.  It is an atmosphere – ancient, modern, historical, cutting-edge, aristocratic, artsy, grandeur beyond belief, bloody from revolutions, international center of culture, world headquarters for businesses, so many things rolled into one that create an amalgam of sensations that are Paris.  Capturing that spirit, to me, is what I want out of fiction and what I feel is somewhat captured in these suggestions.

At the time I was living there, I thought The Sun Also Rises was absolutely the most incredible book in the world.

The Great Gatsby – I know, I know, nothing to do with Paris.  But they lived in world that was detached from the rest of the universe.  Visiting Paris is like that.  It is another world, away from all others.  The book is a romantic tragedy and that feeling is Paris – always a hint, way in the back of the mind, of melancholy, of remembering wonderful times/events in the past.  Paris is such a beautiful place that it makes one remember beautiful events and F. Scott Fitzgerald perfects that sense in his writing.


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