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Books have always been, and still are, a sure way to transport you to another world.  They do the same for Paris and France.  Guidebooks, picture books, coffee table books, fiction, non-fiction, cookbooks – they all take you there – each in its own way.  Take a look at your library, the bookstore or online and you will immediately see that there is no shortage of writing about Paris.  In fact, there is so much writing on Paris its difficult to determine what is worth reading or looking at and what seems good but really fails to provide the information you want and need.

Upstairs in my home office, I have a library of books on Paris and France.  I have read and looked at so many books on Paris and France and bought way too many of them.   Lots of them have worthwhile information and photos, but if you are not devoting yourself to a new website on Paris, you probably only need a few to really make a difference in your life.  And by making a difference, I mean providing information and photos to get you fired-up about going there, provide you with the information to make informed decisions on what will meet your expectations, and provide you a way to have a great experience at your home with photos and recipes for a traveling experience at home.

For you, I have put the books into five categories with recommendations in each category:  Guidebooks, Picture Books, Cookbooks, Non-Fiction and Fiction.  Keep in mind that one book cannot provide all of the information you will need and want on the most beautiful city in the world.  And also, if you have a particular interest, say Medieval Paris, you will have to find a specific book that addresses that interest.  Write me and tell me your interest and if I can make a suggestion I will.


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