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Scott’s Perspective

I grew up in Bossier City, Louisiana.  I have gone to school at LSU and in Paris.  I enjoy cooking and eating good food.  My tastes are not fancy, but I like good things.  I am simple and from the country.

Below are things that make me who I am and make me recommend things on this site:

  • I like clean hotel rooms, with a street or rooftop view, courteous and helpful staff and being close to a cafe or patisserie
  • Coffee delivered each morning with a croissant is how I like to start the day so I can get ready in the order I do at home
  • Value for money is always good, but I understand that it is a vacation and a few splurges are necessary
  • The exchange rate is bad, so a trip to Paris is going to be expensive – as far as I am concerned – but worth it
  • I am not eating at Michelin starred restaurants
  • Bistro food and brasserie food is what I crave for dinner in Paris and dinner is really my evening outing
  • Baguette sandwiches for lunch make me happy and I can save
  • Patisseries are for mid-morning or afternoon snacks and snacks each day are GREAT
  • Cafes for coffee or citron presse or glass of wine are the perfect afternoon treat and the perfect place to rest and watch people
  • Chocolat chaud is a must at least once during each trip to Paris
  • Shows at museums are interesting if I am interested in the subject, but I am not going if I am not interested
  • Paris has great little neighborhoods and it is fun to try out different places
  • I like a view across the Tuilleries to the Eiffel Tower
  • I like a view across rooftops and a window so I can lean out and see up and down the street
  • I like a balcon (little balcony) with a chair and table so I can sit and see Paris while having coffee or a glass of wine

The recommendations on the site are from personal experience.  Links on the site are by advertisers that I personally use and have found to be of great help.  Because of that, I have agreed to be part of their affiliate marketing programs which helps support this site.

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