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A hotel is a personal experience and only you know what you want and expect from a hotel.

I like a Parisian and European experience when I go.  A tiny room doesn’t bother me even though I am 6’5″.  It doesn’t matter what hotel in Paris, my feet are going to stick off the end – I’m okay with it.

Hotels in Paris are not American hotels.  (Unless you want to be at the Hilton – unless that is what you want).  The bathrooms are different – the sink, the shower, the tub, the toilet and toilet paper (sometimes).

It is a room for you to sleep in and to rest in.  Only you know what you want out of a hotel.  For me, I am fine with not much room – I can have a narrow space to walk around the bed, a bathroom that is not too big, and I can have my coffee sitting on the side of the bed.  Others, want lots of space, big bathroom, etc…  I would rather have a tiny room, high up (remember nothing in Paris is more than 6 or 7 stories at most) with a view of the street or of rooftops that I can look out of when I wake up and know that I am in Paris.  I can forego largesse for that.  I like reasonable furniture – it doesn’t need to be antiques, but I don’t want Danish modern or “hotel” furniture – I would rather have no furniture.

Most of the time, they have twin beds that can be put together to make a queen sized bed.

Concierge – great resource.  If the hotel is small (many are) you can ask reception and I have always found them to be tremendous resources – where to eat, how to get to the place you are searching, etc…

Spill something on your only blazer?  Don’t sweat it, have the hotel take care of it – yes, it may be expensive, but how many times will you have to spend that much money on cleaning, just have it done and don’t think about it again.  The reception will help you and generally have it back quickly.

What do you NEED from a hotel?

  • Elevator
  • Refrigerator – for prescription drugs – do you have diabetes
  • Accessible
  • Close to a Metro – you can go up and
  • Cab to be called
  • Air Conditioning
  • Laundry Service

What do you WANT from a hotel?

  • Window on the street
  • View of Paris
  • Nearby cafes to have a coffee/citron presse
  • Metro stop for easy access
  • Doorman who can get a cab right away

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