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Transatlantic Crossing

How many times are you going to Paris?

It doesn’t matter really.  If this time is going to be special, or you want it to be special, take the train through the Chunnel and into London, see a few sites there, then take a transatlantic crossing back to New York.

My parents were completely against the idea but I got it for them anyway.  I told them that was the only way they could get back.


After resigning themselves to do it, I began working out the details – which included a two night stay in London.  So, my parents wanted to see the Victoria & Albert Museum and my friend Sharon insisted on, and sprang for, a car tour of London with Susie Noteworthy.  My parents called to tell me their guide was a driving encyclopedia with easy to understand, yet over-the-top, history, little known facts and access to anywhere.  Without Susie Noteworthy, they could not have had a memorable experience in London.

What made the whole transatlantic crossing really great, and easy, was that I worked with American Express who worked out all the details with Cunard.  American Express booked a package that gave my parents upgraded airfare to Paris, two nights in London, two nights in New York, airfare home from New York to Shreveport, Louisiana, and all the transfers from the train station in London to the hotel in London, back to the dock to the Queen Mary 2 and from the dock in New York to the hotel in New York and then back to the airport.  The upgraded airfare was dramatically reduced in price and the hotel rooms were reduced.  Plus, they got shipboard credit and were able to have their laundry done on the ship.

Hearing my parents describe arriving in New York, the elegant dinners, looking out at the ocean, how nice it was to slowly adjust to the time change, flowers in the room – all of it – made them happy and me happy to have done it for their anniversary.


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