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In Flight

Settle into your seat, buckle up and then you will soon be off to Paris.

Its only a ride, so if your are cramped, just deal with it for a few hours, it will be over soon enough and you will be in the most beautiful city in world.

Soon after leaving on your transatlantic portion of your trip, the flight attendants will serve you dinner (see what follows about eating in flight).  Flight attendants are there for your safety, not as your waitress or waiter.  Yes, they do try to take care of you, but don’t make too many demands of them unless you are in danger or have a medical emergency.

Although food in flight seems to have become better, many people are trying to avoid jet lag by fasting from the time you begin your travel day until arrival at your final destination and eating at the local mealtime.  In other words, eat at your regular time before boarding your first flight, then do not eat again until meal time when you arrive at your destination.  For me leaving from New Orleans, my last meal is usually breakfast and then lunch when I arrive in Paris.  Always make sure to drink plenty of water whether or not you are fasting.

If you don’t want to fast, eat the dinner served on the transatlantic portion and then sleep as much as possible.  Your bedtime will probably be earlier than normal and you will be excited about your trip, but sleep – even if it requires help that you get from your doctor.

If you wake up, walk around the cabin, roll your shoulders, stretch out, stand for a few minutes, then squish back in your seat and sleep.

Before you know it the flight attendants will be passing out breakfast – think of it as a midnight snack because it will be too early to eat – at least in your mind.  Earlier in the flight, the attendants will have distributed a customs form.  Make sure to complete this and put it with your passport.  This will be collected from you after you arrive.

If you have a window seat, look out and you will most likely see French soil – it is getting exciting.  Soon the plane touches down and its time to unload – you will be SLEEPY and maybe grumpy – keep it to yourself, no one likes a whiner – especially those travelling with you.


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