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What to Pack – Women

What to pack?

In Paris, want to look nice.  If not now, when?  It makes your photos nicer too.  You are in the most beautiful place in the world, why not look nice?

I always wear a jacket – everywhere, with blue jeans, pants, and shiny shoes.  I just like them.  No tennis shoes, your feet can rest later.  Get decent looking shoes, make sure you have worn them A LOT before going and that they are comfortable.  If they aren’t comfortable and you can wear them all day, do not bring them.


Women to Pack


_______    Passport


_______    Tickets


_______    Credit Card


_______    ATM Card


_______    Camera


_______    Extra battery for the camera


_______    Film (if you need it)/Memory Card and a spare


_______    Eyeglasses


_______    Eyeglass prescription


_______    Sunglasses


_______    Medications (prescriptions, cold medicine, acid pills)


_______    Prescriptions for medications – including generic name


_______    Telephone number and address of hotel in Paris


_______    Toiletries


_______    Pajamas/Sleepwear


_______    6-7 socks


_______    6-7 underwear


_______    undershirts ?


_______    2 pairs of shoes – comfortable!!


_______    Small umbrella


_______    Blazer/Sports Jacket


_______    Jacket – windbreaker/light jacket (this depends on time of year, may need a heavy coat)


_______    2-3 pants


_______    2-3 shirts


_______    Dress ?




_______    List of things to do


_______    2 copies of passport (one you will put in your suitcase, one in your carry-on)


_______    2 copies of credit card and id  (one you will put in your suitcase, one in your carry-on)

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