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Now What?

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So the decision is made – going to Paris.  Now, what do I do first?

First, I have to determine when we can go.  Tomorrow would be great, it is June – a great month – but need some time to plan, so can’t go just yet.  July is summer season, and great to be outside, but John just quit his job to start another career, I have to go to my parents to do some work in the parterre they wanted after going to Paris (including some pots from Roussillon), it is high tourist season in Paris in July (read more expensive), so even though July would be good – we will wait.  I don’t want to go in August because it can be really hot plus all of Paris is on vacation.  In September we have to go to New York, so can’t take all that time off at one time.  John’s birthday is at the end of October, it is fall in Paris at that time, we have been there before then and love it, so that is when we will go – October.

Taking a look at the calendar, there are some LSU football games I don’t want to miss so it looks like the last week of October would be good.  The date is far enough out that we can still try to get a room in a small hotel on the l’ile St. Louis that we like, maybe the flights will not be terribly expensive, and even though the dollar is so bad against the Euro right now, maybe we can find some kind of package or book the flight and hotel together and get a discount.

Who knows?  I will start by looking on the American Express travel site for flights and hotels.


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