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Uh-Oh !

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Well, the dates don’t exactly work and there is the issue of do-re-me to take the trip.

John has a class in Chicago to go to at the end of October.  So, we may have to push it back.  Our dear Parisian friend, Patricia, who now lives in New Orleans, has said the November is rainy.  “The rain doesn’t affect the beauty” I said.  She agreed with that, but added, “that it isn’t fun to walk around in the rain.”

We may have to take our chances, and rubber boots, because it looks like November is the time.

Also, John quit his job and money is more than a little tight at the moment.

Should we just put it off??

I think, “It’s Paris,” and its worth a credit card bill that I will have to pay.  The reasonable side says, “Wait!”

What do you think?

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