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Uh-Oh !

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Well, the dates don’t exactly work and there is the issue of do-re-me to take the trip.

John has a class in Chicago to go to at the end of October.  So, we may have to push it back.  Our dear Parisian friend, Patricia, who now lives in New Orleans, has said the November is rainy.  “The rain doesn’t affect the beauty” I said.  She agreed with that, but added, “that it isn’t fun to walk around in the rain.”

We may have to take our chances, and rubber boots, because it looks like November is the time.

Also, John quit his job and money is more than a little tight at the moment.

Should we just put it off??

I think, “It’s Paris,” and its worth a credit card bill that I will have to pay.  The reasonable side says, “Wait!”

What do you think?

So I think I have the dates down and now I have checked the round trip fares.

  • Voyageur (economy) = $1,125 per person
  • Premium Voyageur (A kind of upgraded economy) = $1,585 per person
  • Business = $4,485 per person

This does not include taxes and fees, but gives me a good idea of the cost of just getting there and back.  For me, I cannot ever see paying Business Class fare for a 8-10 hour seat.  But, if you are going to go or come back on a transatlantic crossing or use miles for an upgrade or for the ticket itself, it may be fun to do it once.  I have never flown anything other than economy.

The ticket price difference for economy and upgraded economy is $460 per person – or $920 total for 2.  That is nearly another ticket.  For that $920 we would get, according to AirFrance:

For a highly competitive fare, customers travelling in the Premium Voyageur cabin benefit from a private cabin with 40% more space, and a new seat that is 48 cm wide with a 123° seat back recline, equipped with a fixed shell which guarantees passengers’ privacy. Air France is the first European airline to provide a seat that reclines inside a fixed shell in an intermediary class.

On the comfort side, customers benefit from the same services as in Business Class, such as the travel kit, a feather pillow and a pure new wool blanket. The inflight meal service is, however, the same as in the Economy cabin.

At the airport, service resembles that of Business class, with priority check-in counters, a free baggage allowance of two bags each weighing up to 23 kg, boarding at the passenger’s convenience and priority baggage delivery.

Amenities include travel kit, a bottle of water, noise-reducing headphones, a feather pillow and a pure new wool blanket.

Is it worth it?


Trying to buy the plane ticket and the hotel together, but then, wondering should we leave mid-week for an overnight somewhere.  John has never been to Giverny.

Only today, I learned that AirFrance has a new category – Voyageur Premium – more leg room, more space, not business class, but better than regular coach.  Maybe its worth it.  I will do some checking and see.  But for not much more money, it may be worth having a little more space – remember I am 6’5″.

May have to make the plane reservation separate from the hotel, but will call AmEx and see since the Voyageur Premium does not come up on the site.  Plus, if we stay at two different hotels – one before and one after the overnight trip – may have to have some help booking the reservations.

Giverny does not have to be overnight.  But, from there, we could go on to see other sights in the area.  Or, may reconsider and do a day trip on a mini-bus to Giverny.

The last time I was there was 21 years ago – a lot has changed since then.  Let me check it out and report back.

Now What?

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So the decision is made – going to Paris.  Now, what do I do first?

First, I have to determine when we can go.  Tomorrow would be great, it is June – a great month – but need some time to plan, so can’t go just yet.  July is summer season, and great to be outside, but John just quit his job to start another career, I have to go to my parents to do some work in the parterre they wanted after going to Paris (including some pots from Roussillon), it is high tourist season in Paris in July (read more expensive), so even though July would be good – we will wait.  I don’t want to go in August because it can be really hot plus all of Paris is on vacation.  In September we have to go to New York, so can’t take all that time off at one time.  John’s birthday is at the end of October, it is fall in Paris at that time, we have been there before then and love it, so that is when we will go – October.

Taking a look at the calendar, there are some LSU football games I don’t want to miss so it looks like the last week of October would be good.  The date is far enough out that we can still try to get a room in a small hotel on the l’ile St. Louis that we like, maybe the flights will not be terribly expensive, and even though the dollar is so bad against the Euro right now, maybe we can find some kind of package or book the flight and hotel together and get a discount.

Who knows?  I will start by looking on the American Express travel site for flights and hotels.


Day 1 of planning yet another trip to Paris

Decided today that we are going to Paris again.  Nothing prompted it (or everything prompted it), just decided I am setting a date and going.  Its been in my mind – haven’t been there since Jennifer’s 40th birthday two years ago and it is time.  John hasn’t been since we went with my parents for their 47th anniversary four years ago.  Its too long and I just have to see it again and the planning has begun – we are going.

That is what it takes, just deciding to do it.

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